Temples of Khajuraho

Khajuraho temple
Khajuraho temple

Khajuraho temple
These temples are one of India's major attractions and are particularly famed for their very fine bands of artisitc stonework decorations. The Khajuraho temples are included in the UNESCO world heritage list and considered to have outstanding universal value.

Khajuraho was once the religious centre of the Chandela Rajput kings, a Hindu dynasty that ruled this area of central India from the 10th to the 12th centuries. Even at that time, Khajuraho was a remote location which helped reduce the danger of external attack. The Chandelas were great patrons of the arts and great builders. At Khajuraho, the Chandelas built 85 temples over a period of 100 years from 950 to 1050. The temples belong to two different religions; Hinduism and Jainism. After the decline of the Chandelas in the 13th century, the temples became forgotten and for many centuries were covered by dense jungle. The temples were only rediscovered during the 20th century. Today, only 25 temples survive and are spread over an area of 8 square miles, Khajuraho is a small village with a population of a few thousand.

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